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What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the promotion of a company through the use of search optimization, online advertising, and content marketing. At HEI Web Solutions, we provide integrated digital marketing plans that have a balanced and proven method for driving revenue through our clients’ websites.

What is a responsive or adaptive website and does HEI Web Solutions provide that service?

Yes, HEI Web Solutions specializes in responsive website design and development. A responsive website is designed and developed in a system that allows the website to restructure at certain thresholds. The code empowers the site to have the same content in a format that is optimized for specific devices based on the screen resolution, which provides the best user experience for each device.

Does a responsive website help our rankings?

Yes, Google has stated, and industry leaders agree, that a responsive website provides a better user experience and therefore helps increase rankings, especially among mobile searches.

Does HEI Web Solutions provide E-commerce websites?

Yes, HEI Web Solutions provides E-commerce websites. Depending on the purpose and products of our clients, we provide different E-commerce solutions. In many cases, HEI Web Solutions develops on an established framework, such as OpenCart. This solution enables HEI Web Solutions to provide custom design and integration, while benefiting from an open-source framework that reduces overall time and development costs.

Does HEI Web Solutions build websites where the site owner can manage their own content (CMS)?

Yes, HEI Web Solutions provides a wide range of CMS (SEO (Guarantee & Reward) System) development options. We provide custom CMS solutions, WordPress CMS integration, and many other CMS services depending on the goals and specifications of the website project.

What is the average turnaround time for a website design?

Each website project is different and requires a specially designed solution. An informational website takes roughly 45-60 days to design and develop. Depending on the nature of the project, the time frame is adjusted based on the requirements and functionality of the project. Each project is given a project schedule upon kickoff to ensure deadlines are met quickly and efficiently.

Does HEI Web Solutions offer SEO, Paid Search or Digital Marketing?

Yes, HEI Web Solutions provides a wide range of services in regards to digital marketing. Each company and industry is different; therefore, we do not offer package plans.

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What are the payment terms?

Project fees are broken up into two installments:
-The first installment is due upon kickoff. Work on the project will not start until the receipt of the initial installment is received.
-The second installment is due prior to launch/final delivery.

How much does web hosting cost?

Website hosting varies on traffic, size and numerous other circumstances. Website hosting starts at $15/month and can reach fees of $500/month, depending on the above factors.

How does the billing work for web hosting?

Hosting fees are paid automatically on the first day of each month of service by credit card.

Does HEI Web Solutions serve clients outside of Georgia?

Yes, even though HEI Web Solutions is based in Marietta, Georgia, we service clients from across the country
How long has HEI Web Solutions been in business?

HEI Web Solutions was established in 2006 and continues to provide cutting-edge service to this day.

Does HEI Web Solutions provide a warranty?

Yes, HEI Web Solutions stands behind its work 100%. Any bugs or issues that arise from work provided by HEI Web Solutions during the project scope phase will be covered and fixed at no charge. However, if other development has taken place on the site and modifications have been made to the existing code, HEI Web Solutions will not warranty the work.

Does HEI Web Solutions have a list of references we can check?

Yes, a list of references can be provided upon request.

Does HEI Web Solutions own the digital/intellectual assets for their website projects?

No, HEI Web Solutions does not own or have rights to the work that we do on behalf of our clients. Everything that we do for a website project is owned entirely by the client.

Does HEI Web Solutions have in-house designers and developers?

Yes, HEI Web Solutions has an experienced team located in our Marietta office.

What makes an HEI Web Solutions website better than the website of a competitor?

HEI Web Solutions is a full-service digital marketing company that provides exceptional service with the experience of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Not only do the websites we design look great, but they also rank well and attract qualified traffic.